Theresa May announces £20 billion extra funding in real terms for NHS

Theresa May

Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that there will be £20 billion extra money in real terms for the NHS. The funding commitment comes in the midst of extreme pressure to take action on the NHS.

The Government had signalled that it would be making a funding announcement last week. 

There will be some form of political packaging tieing up the extra funding with the 'Brexit dividend'.

Still in the balance however is the funding available for social care. A point well made on the Andrew Marr show where the Prime Minister was exclusively interviewed on Sunday morning.

The announcement for NHS funding shows a preference for populism over rational policy for a battered and bruised Government.

The more logical approach would be to attempt to address the issues with the social care crisis first. It could be that focusing on the preventative end of the system leads to the Government not needing to spend as much as £20 billion of public funds on the NHS.

No further information on where the funds will come from or the strings that will be attached to them have emerged and the Government is saving this detail for another day.


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