Research unveils real health cost of diesel cars

Research conducted by the Universities of Oxford and Hull has revealed that the health costs from a single diesel car could be as high as £16,424. The impact of nitrogen oxides and particulates released from driving diesel cars in a city centre can be devastating.

Sales of diesel cars are already plummeting with consumers recognising the rising costs of driving diesel cars. More are opting for hybrid and electric powered cars. Some Local Authorities have also introduced additional parking charges for diesel cars in a bid to encourage motorists to think twice before they decide on what vehicle to use.

The UK is already on course to ban sales of new diesel and petrol vehicles from 2040 but health campaigners have called for the ban to be introduced earlier given the increase in evidence on the harm that is being caused by their usage.

Martin Tett, the LGA’s environment spokesman, said,

“It is important that councils have the powers to further tackle air pollution, particularly with regard to clean air zones as well as expanded road and traffic measures. If we are to truly tackle air pollution, we need Government support to enable us to deliver effective local plans, and robust national action to help the country transition to low-emission vehicles and power generation.”


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