Jeremy Hunt moved from Health and Social Care following Cabinet turmoil

Health and Social Care Secretary Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP has moved to the Foreign Office following the chaos caused by the resignations of Boris Johnson  and David Davis amidst fallout over Brexit negotiations.

This is news the sector has been longing for quite a while. The unpopularity of Hunt was no secret following landmark battles with the sector over junior doctors and investment in the NHS. In the latter part of Jeremy Hunt’s term, social care responsibility was added to his portfolio.

West Suffolk MP Matthew Hancock takes over as Health and Social Care Secretary. Mr Hancock is a PPE graduate from Oxford and completed his Masters in Economics at Cambridge. His professional background before joining Parliament was in the banking sector. His experience of Health and Social Care is rather limited so it is unclear at this point on what his priorities will be.

Hancock previously served as Culture, Media and Sport Secretary.


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